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HTC makes Google Pixel 2, first successful limited model


HTC Google Pixel 2

Google and HTC in 2016 went for a two-year partnership for smartphones, so the Chinese source messages. This means not only the first Google Pixel was designed by HTC, but that the next Taiwanese manufacturer model comes.

In the past, Google explicitly worked with other manufacturers for Nexus devices. Google then took the software on its behalf, while logos from manufacturers such as Huawei and LG adorned the hardware. Google Pixel, released at the end last year, the company tried a different tactic. This time, the name Google also appears to hardware, but it is actually HTC responsible for the design. The Google 2 Pixel will probably be released without the HTC logo.

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Google Pixel Sales

Google Pixel sales are also not very impressive. Both pixels as the Pixel XL available in September in different countries, but as there are only 2.1 million copies sold. In comparison, Apple managed to sell nearly 80 million iPhones during the quarter. Even devices like the Galaxy S7 are much more popular. On the other hand, the Google pixel is available in a handful of countries.