How To Use HomePod with Apple TV

In this article, we will explain how To Use HomePod with Apple TV

Apple officially announced last year a smart headset named Homepod at its annual WWDC17 Developers Conference, Apple has provided the handset with the A8 processor and the Apple has developed a very distinctive technology with its speaker, which is the sensation of everything surrounding the room. In this article, we will explain how To Use HomePod with Apple TV

The HomePod contains a touchscreen that can control music, and also at the sound level, and also talk to the audio assistant months Siri

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Homepod headphones can also provide a stereo audio experience when purchasing two or more units so that speakers can communicate with each other for automatic synchronization.

HomePod with Apple TV

There are other advantages to HomePod as the control of other intelligent home appliances, so that the user can control the voice of the house through the handset

Apple’s smart headset can answer user inquiries about weather, sports results, and latest news, in addition to providing information on the status of the traffic and answering any other information questions

How to set up HomePod using iPhone

  1. Keep your IOS near Homepod
  2. IOS 11.2.5 or newer
  3. Enable iCloud Keychain and authentication for your account in Apple ID
  4. A card will appear on the IOS device asking if you want to set up HomePod.
  5. Enter the passcode
  6. Enter the passcode by making your IOS listen to a special ringtone released from Homepod
  7. Then the HomeKit package will appear
  8. Then, select the room where the device resides
  9. Select the language of Siri, and agree to the terms
  10. Your account in Icloud and WiFi network data will automatically be transferred to Homepod.

How to Use HomePod with Apple TV

  1. enter The Settings on your Apple TV
  2. after that click Video and Audio
  3. Tap Audio Output
  4. select HomePod

If you wish to delete HomePod from Apple TV Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Video and Audio
  3. choose Audio Output
  4. Deselect your HomePod

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