How to use Animoji on an iPhone X

The new Animoji Icons feature of the iPhone X will be able to create animated Icone with your voice and reflect your facial expressions and then share them in the messaging application

The Animoji feature was first introduced in iPhone X, this is because there is a Truedepth camera used in the face ID and it works with the A11 Bionic chip and analyzes more than 50 different movements for facial muscles and then reflect your expressions on 12 different icons that you can record and send to who you want
The new Animoji feature, one of the most enjoyable features of this phone

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How to use Animoji on an iPhone X

You can create Animoji on an iPhone X and share it with your friends through the following steps

  1. Open the iMessage app on your phone and start a new message
  2. Click the Animoji icon on the bottom bar
  3. Choose the Icons you want to use the on-screen side menu
  4. Point your face towards the phone and place your face inside the space allotted
  5. To start recording, click on the circular recording icon in red, and as soon as you press it you will be able to register for 10 seconds, or press the red box icon to stop recording

You can choose another icon for the same recording that you’ve done by clicking on the icon, and then choose another icon from the side menu

Click on the Recycle Bin icon to delete Animoji

To send icons click on the Send button that appears in the blue colour.
Strongly press the icons to save and drag up, and click Save

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