It appears that the Autoplay of the videos in Web browsers, such as Safari and Google Chrome, when browsing social networking sites is a new form of nuisance in the Internet world.

Many users today are disturbed by the continued dependence of social sites or networks on this characteristic and their progressive circulation. In our explanation today, we’ll tell you how to stop this property of a Safari browser or Google Chrome for Mac devices.


How to turn off video AutoPlay on Safari browser

Safari browser users on the MAC system can automatically turn off the videos while browsing the web by following these steps.

  1. Click Safari and then “Preferences
  2. Click on the “websites” from the top bar
  3. From the side menu, click “Autostart” “Auto-play
  4. After you reach this step, you will see a box with a number of options.
  5. Allow all auto-play to be autoplay
  6. Either stop video audio press stop Media with sound
  7. Stop the section from running automatically with the Never auto-play option then click anywhere for the page and the changes will be applied immediately and at any time you want to do the feature again follow the same steps

You can block all sites except sites added to the list and select their own options.

Explain turn off automatic video on Google Chrome

There is an addition in the plugins store offering you this service called the Disable HTML5 Autoplay

  • Add Disable HTML5 Autoplay
  • Press ADD Extension

Each site you open will show a small icon on the right of the link on top of the screen click on it and the options that will appear select the “Disable AutoPlay” switch

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