How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X

The iPhone X was unveiled on September 12, 2017, with several new features. Apple has abandoned the home button on the iPhone X to make the device even more borderless. So, How to take a screenshot on iPhone X? 

If Apple has shown in its keynote how to use iPhone X with different gestures, he has not yet explained how to make a screenshot that has been made so far using the Home button. However, this feature is very regularly used for various reasons.

On iPhones before iPhone X, taking screenshots on your own device by clicking the button and the power button. But if you are a new iPhone X user, we know that the Home button is completely out of place. So, how can we take a screenshot on iPhone X?

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

1.Open the application or screen you want to capture.
2. Make sure it’s the image you want to capture at the same time.
3. Press and hold the side button sidebar on the right side of your iPhone X.

how to take a screenshot on iPhone X?

4. Immediately click the Increase Volume button at exactly the same time. And edit the two buttons together once. (This step replaces the home button’s home button on previous iPhone devices.)
5. The screen will blink white and you will hear a sound confirming that the picture was taken.
6. The captured screenshot appears as a thumbnail in the lower right corner. You can also click on this thumbnail to add graphics or text using the characterization feature.

With iOS 11, the screenshot is on the left of your screen. Learn more about editing, editing, saving changes, and sharing. Note that will be added to your film and in your album named “Screenshots”. It’s that simple!



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