The iphone X has a superb design, because it is significantly different from previous Apple’s designs, and a large screen larger than the iphone 8 plus, despite the logical phone size which is approaching the size of your iphone 8

The iphone X came up with a change regarded as the most prominent among the previous iphone, which is the lack of a home page button, plus a semi-free screen from any edges, all the functionality of the main button has been replaced with a new feature called Home Indicator, a replacement tool for the main button.

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This feature includes the new Screen Edge Gestures, which offer new opportunities to navigate through the iOS interface. Which you can adapt to quickly.

iphone x

How to navigate to the main interface:

  • Dragging home Indicator up

How to wake an iPhone X phone:

  • Press the side button
  • Lift the phone directly towards the user’s face
  • Pressure on the phone screen

How to turn your phone into sleep mode:

  • Close the skin cover of the phone
  • Press the side button

How to temporarily disable face ID:

  • Press the side button five times when you’re in the lock screen.

How to show switching between applications:

  • Drag home Indicator up and pause a bit
  • Switching applications quickly
  • Drag home Indicator to the right or left. or through the application switching interface, you can choose a pre-activated application.

How to close applications:

  • Press at length on the application card until the closing flag appears for each application, press it to close the intended application. Or, drag the application up to close it.

How to access Widgets:

  • Drag quickly to the right of the first screen home page to detect widgets.

How to take a picture of a screen:

  • Press both the sidebar button and the volume scaling together

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