facebook messenger logout

How to Logout From Facebook Messenger

For a few years, you have to go through Facebook Messenger to use the social network messaging service. We show you the solution to a frequently asked question: how to disconnect your account from the Facebook Messenger app on Android? You see, the answer is quite simple.

Facebook does not offer a disconnect option on its Messenger application. If you want to juggle multiple accounts or if you consider this a breach to your privacy, you probably want to find a solution to this problem. Here’s how to log out of Messenger:

Make sure that you quit the application: it should not appear in the list of open applications.

  • Go to your Settings> Applications (or Application Manager).
    Scroll down to find Messenger: click on it.
  • Enter in Storage and click Clear Data.

facebook messenger logout



You will understand, this little trick will delete all the data that your Messenger application had saved: return to square one. But the application keeps in mind your Facebook account: the only way not to see it posted here will be to repeat the same operation for the Facebook application itself.



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