Screen overlay detected

It has become possible for users to update the new Android Marshmallow to control the power of applications on Android better and a lot of users have become on Android Marshmallow, but this update has been a problem for many users and it is a “Screen overlay Detected” problem that It appears to many users that prevents you from running other applications correctly, which is a difficult thing to know about the application that is causing the problem.

These applications remain visible on the screen even after you run another application. Anyways, there are some solutions to eliminate the problem of Screen overlay detected in Android phones we’ll review in this article.

Screen overlay detected

Many users suffer from the problem of Screen overlay detected in different Android phones such as Samsung and LG and phones that run with Android raw version like Motorola. This makes the method of solving the problem different from one device to another.

What is the cause of the Screen overlay Detected error

With the launch of the Marshmallow system, a feature has been created that allows some applications to work with other applications. In an effort to achieve that superiority over other applications, the impact of most other applications is impacted.

One reason for the other is that the advent of the Screen overlay message on the Android system is to put additional protection of protection to prevent those malicious applications or malicious software that is trying to work on the phone

Resolve the Screen overlay Detected problem

You should see the applications that have the ability to modify the screen on your device through the powers of applications

Screen overlay Detected

Fix Screen overlay Detected

Screen overlay Detected

Fix Problem Screen overlay Detected

  1. Go to Settings and apps applications
  2. Then press the “gear” icon up to show you a menu on the option Access
  3. Click on draw over other apps
  4. A list of applications that cause the screen overlay Detected problem will appear
  5. Next to each application you can close the “Permit drawing over other apps” statements

Solve the Screen problem overlay in Samsung phones

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Press “Application Manager” and click More in the right corner of the top
  3. Apps that can appear on top
  4. You’ll find a list of applications, you can deactivate the Screen overlay option for any of them individually