How to Enable Smart Invert in iOS 11 on iPhone

In its recent update, Apple has provided the Smart Invert feature in IOS 11

which is an important advantage that has been added to the new version where it is useful and good for people who use the phone for many hours

What is the Dark Mode feature?

The Dark Mode feature features an enhanced version of the old “Invert Colors”, which works at the heart of all screen colours to help users with vision difficulties, This is by converting the font colour used in the interface to the white or orange instead of black while the white background turns into the colour of black, so the light from the screen decreases and the device becomes more convenient for night vision and reduces eye strain.

How to Enable Smart Invert in iOS 11 on iPhone

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Press General
  3. The next step tap on Accessibility.
  4. Select Display Accommodations
  5. Select Invert Colors
  6. Activate the Smart invert option

After you activate the night mode through the Smart Invert property we’ll find that the screen glow has become less, the background is black and the lines become white or orange, you find this in the general system and its basic applications such as calculator, phone application, alarm, App Store and photo application without affecting then Photos and video.

In an image application, the new Smart invert mode will give you the original image content with an inverted user interface.

 For applications such as Clock and activity, they already have a dark user interface, and the Smart Invert Colors feature will not change anything in those interfaces and will keep the interface dark.
You must triple-click the main button to quickly switch to Smart invert mode, regardless of where you are within the IOS system. This option will save you a lot of time, instead of going through the application settings in order to activate this feature.


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