How to Buy IOTA – Bitfinex or Binance

IOTA Currency that it is in the eyes of investors and seekers of market opportunities especially after the huge gains, the last decline was at 0.27, the reason for the recent gains of the currency of Iota is the positive news only some sites, because of its partnership with companies to do a demo of the Internet data network stuff.In this section, we will discuss also how to buy IOTA currency.

In the development of network transactions, the idea of the Internet of Things (IOT) appeared to be at the forefront of the industrial revolution 4 projects. The basic idea of this project is to be removed so that all the devices are connected to the Internet. 

Information About IOTA Currency

  • Official website of Iota.
  • The idea of currency is Internet stuff or a list based on that concept.
  • Some expect the future currency to dazzle and are expected to rise further.
  • The number of available units of the currency is 2,779,530,283 MIOTA and the existing market is also 2,779,530,283 MIOTA Two billion.

The Blockchain used to process the transactions of metals such as Bitcoin. As a result, we pay a small transaction fee when we send a Bitcoin to someone on the net, and these fees go to the metal to reward them and compensate them for the resources used to process transactions.

In order to correct the defects of the blockchain and its problems such as transaction costs, scalability, and offline transactions, IOTA was developed by the IOTA Foundation “gemeinnützige Stiftung” in Germany, a non-profit organization. IOTA is a completely open source technology focused on the development of Internet-Things (IOT) -based solutions, but not built on it.

How to Buy Iota Currency

Platforms that support the currency are many, but the most famous is the platform Bitfinx and Binance.Let’s assume you have Bitfinex registered:

1- Fund the account by entering deposit and then select the currency bitcoin as you will finance your account in the currency of the Bitcoin.

2- Then you will find three different addresses you will finance the first address, Exchange Wallet if you can not find the address press it and one click will appear for you.

3- Now finance this address with Bitcoin and after filing the upload to the platform.

4- Now go to the Iota Bitcoin page and here it is.

5- First select your homeowner from the window balances and then select the limit or get at the market price and you will show the number you want to buy then exchange buy and sell.

IOTA focuses on the correction and development of 3 major defects in the plaque that are:

1- Problem of transaction fees.

2- Transactions offline.

3- The problem of scalability.


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