hide the number of iphone badge notifications

It’s possible that the notification box for each application will be marked with a large number of notifications, and once it is 22 or more it probably will not mean anything to you. Can you remember if you have 2024 or 2026 unread email after the last look on your phone? If this is the case with your email application, messaging application, Facebook, or any other application that usually ignores notifications from it, it’s probably better for your iPhone to stop showing the number of these notifications, the method to hide the number of red notifications box on icons is very easy you should follow these steps below.

Steps to hide the number of red notifications box on icons for iPhone & iPad

If you are not the type to weaken before the notifications of your applications but that you would like to make a minimum of household there, all you will have to do will be:

1.Go to Settings
2.Then in Notifications
3.Choose the application whose notifications you want to delete
4.Uncheck the “Badge app icon” option

hide the number of red notifications box on icons on iPhone & iPad

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How to Disable the Number on the Mail Icon for iPad / iPhone

You can also change the Alerts here, or remove from the Notification Center drop-down if you’d like. But it’s probably just the icon that you want to get rid of.