How to Hide the iPhone X Notch

The iPhone X has just been released and proves to be an excellent vintage, with an innovative system of facial recognition, a design finally a little different, the wireless charging and an OLED screen, there is a wallpaper that makes the job. Basically, it hides the bar containing sensors whose face ID with a flat black is needed. The OLED screen displays a black so deep that software and hardware get confused.How do I hide the iPhone X Notch?

A wallpaper to hide iPhone X Notch

How to Hide the iPhone X Notch

Many users are already getting used to this notch. However, for those who do not adhere, it is always possible to turn to an iPhone 8 or to remove this cutout with a simple wallpaper.It is actually a wallpaper resized with rounded edges and incorporates a black bar at the top to hide the notch of the iPhone X.

For those who want to try, it is possible to download this wallpaper below.

wallpaper iPhone X Notch






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