How to Hide Sensitive Notification on Android Smartphone

Your smartphone is probably well protected by a fingerprint scanner, PIN, or other security. This prevents someone from using your data. However, you may not be fully protected, as most of your Android smartphones will see your notifications by default on your lock screen. This involves hazards. For example, if you use two-step verification for your Google Account, the required code on your lock screen will be visible without having to unlock the device.In this article will the process How to Hide Sensitive Notification on Android Smartphone?

How to Hide Sensitive Notification Data on Most Android Devices

Fortunately, there is an option that offers better protection. On almost all Android smartphones, you can hide the content of your notifications. You will only see which apps have a new notification, but the content will only be visible if you unlock your device. Follow the steps below to make your notifications invisible on your lock screen.

1.Open the Settings app.
2.Then select “Security and Location”.
3.In the next menu, scroll down to the ‘Screen Lock Preferences’ option.
4.There you can choose from three options on the lock screen. Choose to display everything, nothing at all, or to hide the content of sensitive notifications. This last option will hide your emails and WhatsApp messages.

How to Hide Sensitive Notification on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Almost every manufacturer makes adjustments to Android. As a result, the exact name of the above options may differ on each device. Manufacturers who make small adjustments like Sony, HTC and Nokia can follow the instructions above without any problems. On a Samsung smartphone, follow the steps below.

1.Open the Settings app.
2.Just go to ‘Screen Lock and Security.
Select “Notifications”.
3.In this menu, you set “Hide Content” to hide your notifications. You can also filter for specific apps here. For example, indicate that Facebook notifications are displayed, but WhatsApp and your emails remain invisible.

For some manufacturers, you need to search for the exact option. Unfortunately, the function on some smartphones seems to be completely lacking. For example, you can hide nothing on some Huawei smartphones, just turn off all notifications completely



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