Face ID feature and how to use it In iOS 11

In the past years Apple has relied on the iPhone and iPad protection feature by fingerprint, this feature has ensured great protection for users ‘ devices but in the new iPhone X, Apple has introduced a new feature, the face ID feature, and today we will introduce you to it and explain to you its most important advantages.

Face ID

What is the feature of Face ID?

This feature comes to the adoption of facial prints to determine the personality of the device owner, the protection of the device from any non-use, the facial fingerprint is considered a safe way to protect the device, and cannot be overridden as easily as Apple says.

This feature is not new, it has already been adopted by many companies, including the Galaksi S8 and Galaxy No. 8

Apple alleges that face ID is safe enough to make you use it as a payment process

something we expected to come after years and that’s after Samsung announced that its facial recognition footprint is not safe enough to use as a payment method.

Face ID

Face ID is believed to be using infrared detection and facial recognition, which would allow the checking of faces even while it is in different corners for the phone.

But from the disadvantages of face ID as opposed to the Touch ID feature, they need some steps and time to open the device, where you must campaign with your hand and meet him for your face, and then when you open the device you must drag the screen from the bottom up.

How does face ID work for facial recognition?

This feature is for iPhone X only, it uses several other sensors unveiled by Apple in the new iPhone, and confirmed that it is responsible for monitoring facial details and the face ID feature.

Dot Projector, Infrared Camera, Flood Illuminator

Although these techniques seem complicated, but the process of facial recognition in the phone is very simple where the phone shines to see your face, and then it drops about 30,000 points of invisible infrared that shed light on the details of your face, and then take pictures of those points by the camera that works Infrared, and then he matches your face.


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