How to Hide online on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps, but privacy protection has always been a moot point in the app. The simple fact of introducing the read receipt, also known as the double blue check, has leaked a lot of ink that in the end, the company decided to allow to configure this feature, this is also the case of the “Last connection” which indicates the day and time of our last time we opened WhatsApp.How to Hide online on WhatsApp?

How to Hide online on WhatsApp and Read messages

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We also have the possibility to display this information but we can no longer see the last connection of other contacts, it is reciprocal, we let it be activated, the others will know our last connection and we too, if we deactivate it; we hide this information from other contacts but we can not see their last connection anymore.

Today, we want to talk about the “online” state that appears to the other person when we use the application. There is a little old trick that can hide “online” on WhatsApp and read new messages in the purest ninja style: without being seen.

Hide online on WhatsApp is very simple without downloading anything

For one reason or another, we may have the need not to display this kind of information to our contacts, The goal, finally, after all, is to read the message or the messages received, without the person that the person knows that we are online, the trick is simple, just cut the internet connection (wifi and 3G / 4G) the airplane mode is the fastest and simplest way to do it, without connection, we can then enter WhatsApp and view the received messages without the person knowing that it was done, because the application does not communicate with the servers of the service.

Obviously, we will not be able to receive new WhatsApp messages until we turn on the Internet. This little trick to hide “online” in WhatsApp.

It is true that there are third-party software that preaches to do the same thing, as well as the ShutApp extension compatible with the Firefox browser (for WhatsApp Web), with which we can hide our state do the same thing with the confirmation of reading, although this is configurable from the application, as we said.