hide old Instagram photos

This Tuto leads you to hide old Instagram photos and archive, Instagram This year celebrates its seventh anniversary. Use your photo service since the beginning, then you might have uploaded hundreds or even thousands of photos. Chances are you not at all the pictures are equally proud. Perhaps you’d rather not be reminded of that bracket of five years, or do you prevent a potential new partner your former friend (in) looks at old photos

Hide old Instagram photos.
hide old instagram photos

Did you want before such outdated photo finish, you must completely remove it. Yet what a pity, because then you hit the reactions were also lost in such images. Moreover, there was no option to search again on the picture later. Therefore Instagram introduces an option to hide old photos. That’s how you do that:

  • Touch the three dots right your image in the Instagram app;
  • There you choose the option File. Once selected moves the photo to your archive;
  • The picture and the comments remain intact, but you’re the only one who can still see in the store. That archive you by your right to express your profile button.

Do you feel at a later time again shamelessly? Then you can replace the hidden pictures at any time. Other users will not notice when you remove a photo or reset, so you do not have to worry that an uncomfortable picture pontifical when you crush appears.

You can Download Instagram via the link to the Play Store. The app is free and works on almost any version of Android.