Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App on iOS 11, Iphone 7, 7 plus

How to Hide Birthdays in the Calendar app on iPhone, In the event that you have somebody’s birthday spared with their contact data, the Calendar application will consequently make a throughout the day occasion for that date. Be that as it may, with iOS 11, Facebook occasions appear to have disappeared from Calendar alongside Facebook birthday events.

For some this will be welcome since it implies seeing by and large less birthday events. In any case, in the event that you need to stow away birthday events through and through, it’s a straightforward procedure. Here’s the manner by which to cover up birthday events in the Calendar application on iPhone.

Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App-How to

1.First, Open the Calendar application. You will see any birthday events for a surrendered date showed top in the day sees.

2.To shroud it, tap Calendars on the base of the screen.

Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App

Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App IOS 11

Birthday, iPhone! 

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