chrome adblock

As of next year, you do not need separate AdBlocker to block embarrassing ads in Chrome. The browser has an integrated function that makes this possible.

Advertisements on the internet are a real plague. Essential to the survival of an independent network, they are often too intrusive and hinder navigation. Therefore, in France, about one-third of Internet users use an ad blocker, hiding not only faulty displays (videos with sound, waiting time) but also the most discreet ones. Google has decided to integrate an ad blocker into its browser, Chrome.

 From the beginning of 2018, Chrome displays advertisements that do not meet Better Public standards. These are guidelines for advertisements on the desktop and mobile. Include annoying pop-ups, automatic video playback with full-screen audio banners are not allowed soon. The same goes for busy advertisements, entertaining animations.

By directly integrating the ad editor into the browser, Google is hoping to lower the usage rate of third-party blockers such as AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin. The advantage is then double for the research giant who can then control more precisely the advertisements that pass through the cracks and which reduces the influence of the third actors who act like a mafia by charging the creators of Advertising content so that their objects are not blocked.

Google’s revenues are based on advertising, so it seems normal that the Californian company is very interested in the issue.

AdBlocker remarkably built may soon block Google ads itself if it does not meet the standards Better Public. Advertisers can check out a tool from the search giant or their advertisements violate deceptive clues or visitors. The feature called “ad functionality” brings identified problems and gives webmasters the option to request a review of their site.

Android is already possible to block ads, though this functionality is not in the Chrome app. To browse ad-free, you must use a separate app or browser as Adblock Adguard. Opera Mini also has a built-in function to hide commercials.