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How to install Google When Extension Google chrome ?
The first thing users of the google search engine, Have you ever looked into the google search engine and I click on a link on the page and then return to the search page to search again for other links you click on the same link ?
I always fall for this problem  🙁  🙂 
When I looked for the solution I found out a great addition. The topic of our article comes under the name “Google When“, and his idea simply reminds you the last time you entered the link that appears in the search list when you search for anything in the engine for Google.
To install the add on your google chrome browser, all you have to do is click on the link below
Add link : google when
 google when
If you notice me after install as well as you search for anything and then show you the search menu will
appear next to her when the last time you access this website
Google when
google when