Google wants to make more money with Google Maps

Google Maps advertising : Google’s earnings rose again this quarter, but the company is constantly looking for new ways to make money. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has his eyes now focused on Maps. The map service is particularly popular, but do not bring much in money. That must change.

In conversation with a Wall Street analyst suggests Pichai: “I’m sure you’ve noticed the past few months, changes in Google Maps. When you open Google Maps, if you travel or go out on Friday nights, we offer information on things to do, places to eat and so on. We get good feedback from users here and we think this gives the ability to add more value. “Although Pichai not says concretely, it sounds like we can soon expect ads on Google Maps. These ads will likely take the form of tips to go somewhere.

Google Maps advertising

Advertising on Google Maps may sound boring, but Google’s growth largely by offering ads where users know about. At least, as the company sees it. So other companies the opportunity to attract the attention of users in the area, users would turn to be surprised by new experiences.

Pichai says that the number of Google Maps users continues to grow. This is partly due to the growth of smartphones in emerging markets. The CEO also sees plenty of growth opportunities for service in the future. Include the rise of augmented reality, where digital maps components are placed over reality. When the service is transferred to ads is not yet clear.



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