Google Photos now gives suggestions to archive photos

The user can specify the new option which photos they do not want to see in the library of Google photos, after being archived. This can be done manually, but the photo app also gives suggestions of snapshots can go. Think of photos, documents or receipts, you often do not need more after a short time. Because pictures are archived, they disappear in a separate folder and you do not lose permanently.


Google Photos archive

Google Assistant, which comes standard in the Photos app, helps you with the selection of photos to archive. It uses machine learning, which means that the app snaps analyses and determines whether the image you should keep it in the photo library. The Assistant can be found in the corresponding tab in Google Photos, where you can run the wizard also to free up space by deleting unneeded images.

Google says that the update gradually roll out to everyone, so it takes a while before you can get started with the function. download link below you the latest version of Google Images, though the app on many devices preinstalled by default.