google maps travel time

Google Maps Travel Time journey in a graph


Google maps app has gotten a handy new feature. From now on Google Maps travel time more realistic, because the application takes into account the traffic and time.

Google has not long ago a feature added to Google Maps, so you can see exactly where the pressure is in a shop or other location. This function is now being rolled out to the traffic. In a new graph, you can see how busy it is on the road and you travel time will actually be.

If you choose a destination on Google Maps travel time and the route looks, then you get to see the new graph. This chart shows several rods. One of these rods is colored. This bar represents the crowds at this time on the road. This bar green, there is no hindering traffic on the road and gives you probably your target within the given time.

google maps travel time

Is the bar orange, then slightly busier and you know you ride probably takes a little longer. The bars next to get away after seeing a half hour earlier and a few hours. Obviously, these are estimates. However, as the graph indicates that there is a clear downward trend, then it may be worth leaving an hour later. You need to be on time, then the graph may indicate that you have to leave earlier.

How hard you should then drive to pick your appointment, will soon be clear. Google is testing a feature in some large cities with information about the speed limit is shown. This feature is rolling later to other areas. The app keeps incidentally, not how hard you drive yourself, so you get no warning if you get too far pressed the accelerator.

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