Google makes YouTube attractive to 360 videos

The Youtube 360 Videos.Google’s virtual reality important. Therefore, there is Android so much attention to this technology. Although you probably think first of virtual reality to games and other experiences, is video service YouTube probably still the main app. YouTube watch in virtual reality can be just like a normal video but with 360 videos, you are the center of the images. You may look around freely. With a new tool, Google makes its video platform attractive to creators of these videos

Because although more manageable 360 degrees cameras appearing on the market for your Android smartphone, the video platform explodes not exactly the 360-degree images. To motivate creators, Google introduced a 360-hittemap. This hittemap can be seen as a creator where the viewer to turn while watching the video. For although people are free to watch what they want, of course, you want as a creator will be there looking at that which you want to show. To get an idea of how much and get little attention, it is possible to improve these videos.

360 videos

Currently, there is only a hittemap for 360-degree VR and videos with thousands of views or more. This makes sense because given only after a certain number of viewers can be any part of the video on average attracts the most attention.

Preliminary results show that people include 75 percent of their viewing time just looking forward. Google claims that automakers can continue using animations and other graphical elements to draw attention to specific points. Google also recommends that users first few seconds to indicate the time to put their VR glasses.