captcha reCAPTCHA android api

The captcha is a necessary evil. Through small tests, you must indicate online regularly you really are a human and not a robot.For example, by typing in written words, or by clicking on the appropriate images. Google has been working for years to make this as smooth as possible CAPTCHAs. Earlier this year the company announced that its reCAPTCHA project has been so good that the checks are increasingly done in the background and you, therefore, have nothing to do. Now captchas also addressed Android. Google does with Android reCAPTCHA API as part of Google Play Services.

This API can see reCAPTCHA whether you are a human and not a robot when surfing online on your smartphone. The same invisible technology is used for PCs, so you often do not even have to do something.


Risk analysis programs are performed behind the scenes.Do Behave human enough, you do not even tap a check to prove it. It may happen that reCAPTCHA unsure. Then you’ll be asked for a little action in order to ensure safety.

Because the reCAPTCHA Android API is linked to Google Play Services have access to most Android devices. This means that annoying CAPTCHAs fairly quick reduction for many users. ReCAPTCHA Android API is part of Google SafetyNet to protect apps. Google is also working on a version of the captcha technology for iOS.