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Google improves the quality of apps for Android and Chrome OS

The quality of apps in the Play Store can really change. Also, run many Android apps still not on Chrome OS. In this way, Google raises the average app quality on both systems.

Google has struggled to motivate all app makers to create quality apps. This is a logical consequence of the free nature of Android. Google, for example, is not as strict as Apple allowing apps in its digital store. However, the company puts a stop to apps that run very poorly and require a lot of battery. These apps are now placed lower in the search results from the Play Store.


chrome os


With Android O, Google focuses on faster and smoother Android experience, but have apps or to join it. Google tries himself apps that misbehave in keeping control, by limiting example, Android O requests background. Developers now get yourself additional information about how poorly run their apps. Think of how often the app unexpectedly stops or falters. Whether the app makes the device too often awake or to keep awake and so the empty battery slurps. Google uses this data to put apps on a list.

Android apps can also be used on Chrome OS, but many apps are clearly not designed for this operating system. Therefore, Google makes a Chromebook emulator app makers. This emulator allows developers to test their app on Chrome OS, without them need a Chromebook. Hopefully, this means in the future more finely operating Android apps on your Chromebook.