Google Fit Android Wear Expands Capabilities

Google Fit Android Wear update

Where can I find the Google fit android wear app? Since the end of October 2014, the Google Fit app is available on all Android smartphones (Google has implied that it might try to add it to the Apple App Store as Has managed to do it with Gmail or Google Maps). On Android 5.0 Lollipop, the application is installed natively. For those who do not have this version, it will first go to download it in the Google Play Store, it is obviously free.

The latest Google update Fit makes the app work a lot better with your Android Wear smartwatch. There is also added a handy app shortcut.

Google Fit Android wear app gets updated to version 1.7 with a focus on the smart watch. Yet there is also added a small addition to your smartphone. Through a new app shortcut, it is indeed possible to register directly your weight of the day. On your smart watch is the new version of Google Fit easy to check your history through a timeline of your activities. Previously this was only seen on your smartphone.

google fit android wear

Are you a rider, the update has a few big changes for you. The ren-modus now converts the pause button clear picture so you can press quickly. This allows the information such as the distance you’ve run pushed downwards. Thus, you must swipe to see your progress.

It is now possible to activate voice updates if your smart watch has a speaker. Then you watch tells matter how it goes in racing and you have that extra information required on the screen. In settings to specify how often you want to receive these updates. For example after every kilometer or every five minutes

Wearing a Huawei Watch 2 or LG Watch Sports? It is possible to keep your heart rate through the day. However, it is notable that there is not yet possible to disable this feature. You must, therefore, make use of Google Fit, while it certainly does not do wonders for your battery. Hopefully will be added quickly to switch. Google sets later smart watches to provide this function.

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