Google Duo android video app dives into other Google apps

Google Duo android is a very good video calling app, but you’re almost never heard of it. Now, Google is preparing a new life for the app, through deeper integration on Android through other Google apps.

A second life with better Google Duo Android integration

Google Video Tube App Duo launched last year in August and we were excited. The app is fast, accessible and you’ll see whoever calls before you record. By the end of the year, Google still improved the image quality of the conversations, but since then we did not hear so much more. This will change. The Google duo android becomes a regular part of Android and you’ll see it back in different apps.

google duo android

First of all in the Phone app (from version 13.0). Previously, Google has added the feature to combine your Duo calls with your regular phone calls in the Phone App history. In the new version, you also get a one-time explanation of what Duo is actually.

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There is also a new button in the Phone app to start a Duo conversation immediately. In this way, Google Duo should become a kind of apple facetime counterpart. Thus, the Phone app gives you the choice whether you want to speak or want to see someone alone. Seeing each other than via Duo.

Also Contacts and Messages app

In the Contacts app (from version 2.1), the video call option appears in the name of a contact to quickly start a conversation. Also, the Android Messaging app (from version 2.6) has to believe. In your conversations, the ability to enter a video call will be displayed immediately

The reason for these adjustments is clear: Google hopes that more people will use Google Duo. The service is working well, so it’s reasonable to process it deeper in Android.

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