Google deletes Hangouts text message

From today you can Google Hangouts no longer use to send text messages or receive. Fortunately, there are enough good Android alternatives.Google has been a multitude of messaging apps, which all have their strengths and weaknesses. So Duo focuses on video calls, while Allo smart Assistant provides. Hangouts is one of Google’s earliest messaging services. The app recent years distinguished itself by SMS support. You could send the app not only messages to other Google accounts but also via SMS to other phone numbers.

Over a year ago, Google announced to remove this functionality from the app. Today the company is the promise. An update that is now available in the Play Store, SMS support removed. Google has given no explanation of why the job is deleted. Presumably, it is partly to do with that Android already many other apps that let you send and receive text messages. Therefore, we have collected the best Google Hangouts alternatives for you.

Hangouts was not the only texting app that Google offered. The company has also yet Android Messaging, which is preinstalled on many smartphones.It’s a simple app with few frills, which is purely built to send and receive MMS and SMS messages along. There is a search option and easy sharing feature, but rather you do not expect.

Not only Google, but Facebook seemed like a good idea to combine chat apps with SMS. Facebook Messenger now has a number of years the option to send and receive text messages.

The big advantage is that text messages with your chats can be combined, so everything is nice and clear. Moreover, Messenger provides many additional features, chat bots to many multimedia options.