Google Assistant Halloween 2017

It’s time for ghosts, skeletons, and pumpkins: Halloween is on the doorstep. A new Google Assistant Halloween gimmick changes your smart house through a few words in a haunted house.

A Google Assistant Halloween

Google Assistant can drive a stack of smart devices in your home. Think of your TV via Chromecast, Chromecast Audio speakers, and your smart lighting. This is useful because you control your home via the voice assistant on your smartphone or via Google Home with your voice. That it may be funny, let Google see this Halloween.

Say to Google Assistant “Hey Google, let’s get spooky”, then the speech assistant changes your smart home into a haunted house. The lights dim, ambiance lighting goes on, a scary YouTube video is placed on the television and exciting music sounds over the speakers.

It’s a fun way to do something extra on special holidays. It also makes curious what Google can do for different days. There is only a small problem. Because how do you make the house less scary

Google, I’m afraid

A Google Assistant Halloween

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“Shit, I can not turn it off. My house gets crazy! “, Writes a Reddit user. Others also suffer from it. That’s how someone says Google Assistant does not understand when you say she has to stop being spooky because she stays spooky. Just saying that she has to stop seems, however, to work.

Make sure you are at home if you try this. “Oops, I tried this on my phone while I was away from home. What are the chances that everything is turned on? “, Asks a Reddit user. “It’s all up and is spooky,” suggests another. “Oh shit, now I’m sorry mom. That was strange to come home.