Google Assistant app now available in the Play Store to Download

Google Assistant app is now also available in the Play Store. However, more than one shortcut is not.Google Assistant first made its debut on Android about a year ago on the original Pixel phones, and since then, it’s expanded to quite a lot of other platforms and devices, including basically every Android smartphone.

Play Store gets Google Assistant app

The Google Assistant app is in the Play Store and is free to download. It’s a remarkable addition because the voice-assisted assistant was automatically rolled out to many Android users early this year. In the footnotes, Google provides a statement. “The Google Assistant app is another way to open the assistant on your smartphone. With one press of the shortcut, it will appear, “this reads the description. “This app is not required to use the Google Assistant if it already exists on your device.”

Why Google now suddenly launches this shortcut is not entirely clear. On smartphones that do not have the assistant yet, a short explanation of why their device is not yet available will appear. You can also install the app on Chromebooks with Android apps support, so you can access the Assistant faster.

At this time, the Assistant is still part of the Google app. This will be updated in the background, allowing Google to add new features quickly and regularly. In theory, the Assistant can become his own full app in his future. That keeps the Google app more compact and makes it easier to place this prominent on other device’s smartphones.

Google Assistant app now available in the Play Store to Download

Google Assistant is a voice-assisted assistant that can help you answer questions only, but also for jobs. Manage the lights in your house, add an appointment to your calendar or play music on the speakers in your home. The assistant is currently only available in English.

Download Google Assistant for Android

The Google Assistant app is available for download from the link below. The app is free and works on any recent Android smartphone.

  • Download Google Assistant in Google Play (free)

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