Google company accused of pay discrimination between men and women!




The US Department of Labor has just pinned Google. Indeed, the American giant is accused of practicing wage differentials between its female employees and its male employees. Even though google company has denied the use of such practices, the information raises the debate about equal pay for men and women that take on a global dimension to reach the land overseas.

Google accused of pay discrimination in the United States
The United States Department of Labor has decided to sue Google in the US courts as a grievance for gender-based discrimination in wages. The government agency claims to have evidence of wage inequalities by 2015. It would also have ordered Google to provide additional documents for the investigation, which is a federal contractual obligation for Google.

Women employed in the company at headquarters would be significantly paid at a much lower level than men and for equivalent and most common jobs. Google denied indulging in such practices.

A lack of method

The company also questioned the procedure adopted by the government agency, which would not have been transparent on its methods of investigation. The company even stated, in a tweet of April 4, 2017, that it completely put an end to wage differentials between men and women. It also refuses to provide further information to the Department of Labor, considering that the elements already communicated were sufficient.