gmail privacy

Google announces to stop scanning your emails in Gmail to create personalized ads. The company states that Gmail for business is not doing so already and that the e-mail service to consumers later this year.

This does not mean that Gmail will soon show more personalized ads. Google has plenty of other ways to get to know you. Think of your search in the Google search engine or filling out surveys in the app Google Opinion Rewards.

Again, this does not mean that Google stops scanning your emails. Gmail works increasingly with other Google services that your emails to be scanned. Think of how booked flights suddenly appear in the Google app, or appointments automatically appear in Google Calendar. Gmail also checks if your messages are not spam.

gmail privacy

And of course, there is Smart Reply, which Google suggests some preconceived responses to an e-mail. This feature only works if Google knows what is in the e-mail.

Naturally, this automatically scans and we will look for specific words in the messages. Yet Google’s artificial intelligence is smarter every day, so getting better understand what exactly is standing in your messages. Do you use Gmail? Then you return so a little privacy for added convenience. Fortunately, there are ways to strengthen your privacy.

Your privacy is up to date with My Account: To keep your Google account up to date, it is wise to look at My Account to go there and to see the privacy settings. Here you can find under “Personal Info & Privacy” section, for example, Ads Settings. Here you switch personalized ads completely.