GlassWire Android App keeps an eye on your data usage

Android already gives you an overview of apps that consume data on your smartphone. With GlassWire android app, you get more insights here, and you can also see in real time what apps are missing the most data.

GlassWire Android Data Usage Monitor

GlassWire android app helps you monitor the data usage of your Android smartphone. The app not only shows which apps have used data throughout the month but also which apps connect to the Internet at any given time. In addition, this data is updated live, even if you are viewing the month view.

GlassWire android app Data Usage Monitor android Download Firewall Software by GlassWire android app

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One of the benefits of the application is that you can keep an eye on apps through notifications. Without changing settings, GlassWire will automatically notify you when an app connects to the Internet for the first time. You can also indicate that you only want to receive a notification for a few specific apps or disable all notifications.

GlassWire also shows your usage more exactly than standard Android. For example, you do not only see how much data you’ve used on Wi-Fi and mobile separately but also the difference between download and upload. So, if you see that a suspicious app sends overloaded data to the internet, it may be worthwhile to see what’s going on.

GlassWire is free to download from the Play Store via the link below. To use the app, you need at least Android 4.4, and a few megabytes of storage. The app does not contain ads and does not offer further in-app purchases.


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