The Gboard Incognito mode Google Chrome

Gboard Incognito mode: How it works?

The Gboard Incognito mode Google Chrome is now a bit more anonymous. Google’s own Gboard gets now has its own anonymous mode.

Chrome has been for years and years about incognito mode. If you want to visit websites without being stuck in your browser history or want to check a site without being logged in, Chrome can help. In theory, this incognito mode ideal for scenes of family members on your internet activities, roommates or other people who have access to your phone possible.

Nevertheless, Chrome had hitherto some traces of your activities on the back of your device, via the keyboard. Gboard, the default keyboard for Android, features personalized type suggestions. If you use a word frequently, it soon appears in the suggestions. That includes incognito mode. Many terms used in that mode appear over time and between your Gboard suggestions. Bye, anonymity.

chrome gboard incognito mode

Google Chrome incognito mode Gboard

That problem is now being addressed by Google. Gboard namely gets its own incognito mode, which is activated when you turn Chrome into the mode. While it is on the Gboard incognito mode, no search suggestions are displayed and searches you do not remember. Gboard is not the first keyboard app that, if desired, may be temporarily turned off the automatic suggestions. So Swiftkey offers this option for a while

The feature was previously available only in the Android 8.0 Developer Preview. An update for the beta Gboard who appeared tonight However rolls also access to other Android versions. This update also there are some other small improvements. Thus, the various Gboard themes are now displayed in a grid, and the quick coupling for GIFs is directly shown in the bar above the keyboard.

Gboard for Android Phone

You can only test mode using the beta version of the app. It is expected that within a few weeks and is available for everyone. You can download Gboard free via the link to the Play Store.