Galaxy S8 smartphones had an unintentional restart caused by Micro SD cards

According to the testimonies, some Galaxy S8 Smartphones and S8 + smartphones would restart randomly, without an intervention of the user or particular event. Somewhat troublesome, the problem would occur frequently: Forum members have a little less than one reboot per hour (more previously 7 reboots for 10 hours of use). Unable to use the smartphone properly.

Galaxy S8 smartphones restart

Obviously, only users using an SD card would encounter these problems. The origin of these “boot loops” would come from an incorrect management of the card. Pending the arrival of an urgent update (yet one), there would, therefore, be a makeshift solution: temporarily pull a stroke on this storage solution. Unthinkable for a smartphone sold at such a high price!

The launch of the Galaxy S8 is therefore not done in optimal conditions. Indeed, earlier in the week, the smartphone was pointing fingers for another problem, causing a red tint on the screen. If this problem seems to have been corrected since then, one can not help thinking that the defects accumulate. It is hoped that Samsung will be responsive by correcting the shot as quickly as possible.