galaxy-s8 camera

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera is just a bit better pictures than the iPhone 7 Plus, despite Samsung’s device to make do with just one lens. Apple wins it with selfies.

Galaxy S8 camera  vs iPhone 7 camera

The new flagship of Samsung will be available from this month in stores, and the back features a 12-megapixel camera. Which is almost identical to the already impressive Galaxy S7 camera last year, but Samsung has some minor improvements made to the software to provide better pictures.

The quality difference between the two cameras is minimal, so it should be noted. The pictures made the day look at both devices about as well. The Galaxy S8 has a little bit of trouble with objects photographed up close but excels in other areas again.


galaxy s8 camera

So the Galaxy S8 would do much better at night shots or low-light situations. Images are sharper, more colorful and have “significantly more detail,” the testers. Samsung’s device is slightly better at capturing small details, in all conditions.

Although Samsung has improved selfie camera Galaxy S8, it is not enough to beat Apple. The Galaxy S8 makes your face seem just a little too smooth, while the iPhone 7 Plus more matches reality. In the battle of the Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 camera, Apple wins this round though.