HOW TO The Best site to Earn Bitcoin It is one of the best sites to collect the Bitcoin and always comes in the first ranking between sites that let you collect the configuration from them and send them to your own portfolio.

This site is one of the easiest ways to profit from the internet and has a good reputation for payment.

How to Earn Bitcoin 

You should subscribe to one of the electronic banks of the coin in order to get a code of letters and numbers that will give you the name of your email address, then you can hand over and send your money freely.


You must have a wallet to Bitcoin to get the balance to your wallet (BitWallet)

The first step is to enter the following link Blockchain

We enter the information for us email and password then get the conditions and click on OK

We go to the email we signed up and we’ll find a message from Blockchain’s wallet to check the email click on the message link

To enter the blockchain wallet we go to Login

Explain the website of to earn daily Bitcoin

Enter the site to register: and follow the full steps

The first option, FREE BTC, allows you every hour to win through the following process.

The first free BTC option allows you to win every hour by pressing
“Claim your free BTC Now” 
Enter the CAPTCHA code and after pressing the button, the system will start making a random profit for you, which is the lucky number.
Click On Roll
After an hour you can play again and try your luck again
The second option is MULTIPLY BTC luck after you get the config from the first option, you can use the second option to double what you won.
You can make a quick profit by posting your subscription link through you, where you will win a 50% commission of any profit earned by your subscribers.


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