Format USB Flash Drive/External Hard Drive to FAT32 in Windows 10

We often have to use external storage devices, such as the FAT 32, because it is heavily supported in many applications, whether with cars or gaming devices, especially the old ones. If you think of Format USB Flash Drive larger than 32 GB in Windows 10, On the FAT32 option, and to make the drive run faster when writing large files often, and to ensure compatibility with non-Windows operating systems. It is known that Windows only supports the formatting of the USB flash drive which is smaller than 32GB to the file system.Today will explain how to

Steps to Format USB Flash Drive/External Hard Drive to FAT32 in Windows 10

1- At first navigate to the Search bar in the Start menu, tap CMD, and run a command prompt.

Format USB Flash

2- Then type the following instruction, replacing the letter X with the letter of the storage device you want to reset, and then press Enter.

format / FS: FAT32 X

Format USB Flash

3- You will see the following statement and start the format process, press Enter again.

Format USB Flash

4- You should wait a little while until the process is complete and 100%.

Format USB Flash

5- This way you can get external or external hard storage in the FAT 32 file system without having to use additional software in Windows 10.


Format USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive by GUI version of Fat32format Tool.

A free and portable tool that does not need to be installed, is a GUI version of FAT32 Format for free and simple to use.Please follow these steps Below:

For Downloading this tool click on the image in the Download site to begin the process of loading the tool automatically.

1-Switch you Flash Disk on your PC.

 How To Format External Hard Drives To FAT32

2-Select the drive you want Format to work on.

Format USB

3-Activate the Quick Format option and finally, after finishing all of the above, press Start.

fat32 format tool

4- Next, Tap OK.

Format USB Flash

5- Finally, you should Wait for a little until the configuration and format finish.


The Difference Between FAT32 & NTFS System

Do I have to format my device into FAT or NTFS?

1-FAT32 System: Is the oldest file system dating back to 1996 with the advent of Windows 95, and came an alternative to the file system older FAT16, which dates back to the year 1980, and is used in areas that exceed 2GB to 32GB maximum, and features a set of answers and defects, Storage that is small in size and passive is that you can not store a file that is larger than 4GB.

2- NTFS System: has several improvements over FAT, such as improved metadata support and the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability, and disk space utilization, as well as other extensions such as the security of access control lists and journaled file system.


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