unlock forgotten pattern

How can you retrieve a forgotten pattern?

Forgotten pattern: Today there are numerous ways to protect your Android smartphone or tablet. However, I do not feel like fingerprints or iris scanners, or other biometric protections, then Android has several other options for you. For example, choose an old PIN, or even easier: a pattern. Really fast, because your device is unlocked in one swipe.

But what if you forgot the pattern, and you can not unlock your smartphone or tablet? Then there is fortunately still other options. With again in the following steps, you set the screensaver without your phone to reset completely. Should it be unlikely event that went wrong, please check our list of the best Android smartphones currently to find out a new device.

Forgot pattern? Check out these three steps

pattern password Perform various wrong patterns until ‘a button forgotten pattern appears at the bottom of the screen pattern;
Press the button and sign in with the Google Account also set your smartphone or tablet;
Choose a new lock option, such as a pattern, PIN or password. Make sure you remember to be, otherwise you the steps to go through again.

forget pattern
Appears the option “Forgot pattern” not in the picture? It may be that you first need to charge your battery. Some extensions can only be started if your battery at least 50 percent full. Sometimes you have to wait the intervening several times a half minutes, but after ten to twenty attempts option often appears in a still image.

It is also possible via Android Device Manager to enable a new method for locking the device. You then log in with your Google Account and then choose ‘ lock ‘ and enter a password. Then you can log in with the corresponding password set on the Android device and a new locking method via Settings> Security.