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ForcePhone software makes ultra-sensitive smartphones.




ForcePhone is software that can make any smartphone sensitive to pressure on your helmet or your screen with ultrasound. This tool could add a new dimension to smartphone interfaces without additional physical component.

This is along the lines of Batman hero professor at the University of Michigan (United States) got the idea for this smart innovation. In the movie The Dark Knight, Batman Hero transforms all Gotham City inhabitants into a giant sonar smartphone to locate their enemy the Joker. This is the sequence that gave Kang Shin, the idea of ​​using a high-frequency audio signal to create a new interface for smartphones.


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ForcePhone is its name, it is software that makes it possible to control certain functions of the phone by adjusting the strength of the touch screen or the pressure exerted by squeezing your hand. There is no special sensor, everything goes through the application. In fact, it is the software that sets the smartphone loudspeaker to emit ultrasound in a frequency band above 18 kHz that the human ear can not perceive. In contrast, the mobile microphone can capture the vibration emitted by these sounds.

When the user touches the screen or presses the hull of the smartphone, an ultrasound disturbance is created that the software translates the command interface. The system is able to detect the degree of pressure and transmit. For example, it would be possible to control the volume of the music player, answer a call or turn the pages of a document, an e-book or a website by simply pressing the phone.

ForcePhone designers, even taking into account that an emergency number can call, shaking the mobile phone in a certain way, say, three times. On the other hand, a pressure imposed on the screen can replicate the equivalent to the right of the mouse click of the computer by opening a contextual menu in an application.



A system found in part in Apple’s latest iPhone 6s with 3D touch technology that detects the degree of pressure on the screen to activate specific functions. The advantage of ForcePhone is that it is just software, which can potentially work on any smartphone at no additional cost. In addition, the system is wider, as it also works with the body of the device. But you still have to integrate natively into the mobile operating system, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or other. For now, ForcePhone designers do not announce anything concrete in this area, but the application was presented at the MobiSys conference held in Singapore in June 2016.