ios 11

A few months after the announcement of iOS 11 at the WWDC 2017 Conference, iOS 11 was launched with great updates but despite its advantages but it has a lot of problems so we’ll take up the next lines more these problems and provide quick solutions to them

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The update failed

This error was encountered by many when downloading iOS 11. When a common problem occurred between iPhone, iPad and iPod users when they tried to update to iOS 11, they received a “Software Update Failed” error when trying to download iOS 11. To fix this problem, You can follow these tips:

  • Close the settings and wait for a while. To close the settings, press the HOME button twice in a row, then drag all the applications to the top and wait a little
  • Go to Settings and Tap General – Software Update
  • Reset network settings. Go to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings.
  • Reboot iPhone. Press the HOME button and the Bower button together and continue pressing until the device turns off and shows the Apple logo
  • Close Wi-Fi and turn on cellular data for 1 minute
  • Update through iTunes

Problem checking update

  • Close your phone “Screen only” and re-open the phone with a quick press of the button power and then repeat this movement ten times

Can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network

  • Factory Reset or Hard Reset iPhone
  • Reset The network settings. Go to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings.

Some apps disappear and some do not work properly

High temperature device

There are many reasons for the high temperature of the phone and of them

  • Surf the internet using a 3G or 4G network for a long time.
  • Putting the phone in a cover during intensive use In this case, it is recommended that you remove the cover from the phone
  • Turn off the phone and keep it away from sunlight or other heat sources

The problem of repeated reboot when the device is placed on the charger

  • Make sure the charger is clean
  • Change another charger, other Cable, or other battery
  • Reset all settings through Settings – General – Reset – Reset all settings
  • Factory Reset iPhone

App Store does not work

Log out of the App Store & iTunes and then sign in again

Set the time and date to automatic mode through the settings

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