How to Fix iOS 11 Quick Reply not working on iPhone

Numerous clients who just moved up to another framework iOS 10 or iOS 11 may locate that brisk answer with messages from the bolted screen not working. We can quick reply message without opening the telephone and going to Messages application, yet when this capacity not working, how might you settle it? In this guide, we will discuss 5 fixes to unravel the iOS 11/iOS 10 message snappy answer not working problem.

First Step: Switch on Quick Reply Message on iOS 11

1.Open Settings app on your iPhone.

2.Scroll down and tap on Touch ID & Passcode, enter your passcode.

3.Enter your device uncloaking Passcode.

4.Now scroll down the screen to make sure Reply with Message toggle enabled/Green.

Note: In the event that you’ve turned on Reply with Message work, which implies other individuals can likewise view and answer the messages when they have your iPhone close by. In the event that you need to debilitate this function, simply turn it off in step 4

Turn on Reply with Message on iPhone Settings App

Second Step: Long Press on the message Notification noting happen

Look into 3D touch is Powered ON. Switched off force touch kill the texting box with keyboard comes right up.

How do I Enable 3D touch on my iPhone?

Go to Settings select General next ward Accessibility, tap 3D touch Enable 3D Touch toggle ON/Green. Now, check again.

Turn on 3d touch to quick Reply for Message on lock screen iPhone

Third Step: Reset All Settings on iPhone.

Try reset all settings on your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Fourth Step: Restart your iPhone.

Try Turning off your iPhone and wait for few seconds and then turning on it.






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