How to fix Alarm not working on iPhone 7,iPhone 7 plus,iPhone X

Recently, when updating to iOS 11, some individuals got problems with iPhone 7 alarm. If you furthermore may face the matter of iOS 11 or iOS 10.3.3 alarm not working on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus, check the fixes during this article.New iOS 11 has no vital changes Clock app, could be worrying and confusing to search out your possibility and get the option of your Alarm problems.

Alarm Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone 7, iPhone 8,iPhone X

Option1: Check iPhone, Volume Level

To begin with, ensure you have got the Mute switch, at that point check whether the sound volume is sufficiently uproarious to wake you up.

Alarm Not Working in ios 11

Option 2: Check iPhone Alarm No Sound

check the sound for your alarms. Open Clock app → go to the Alarm screen → tap Edit in the upper left corner → choose an alarm. Then make sure you have set an alarm sound tone in Sound option.

Fix iPhone Alarm Not working ios 11 - Check Alarm Settings

Option 3: Remove Third Party Alarm Apps

Some third-party alarm applications may strife with the stock Clock application on iPhone, y to uninstall them to see if it fix alarm not working on your device.

Fix Alarm Not working Issue on iPhone or iPad

Option4: Recreate Your Alarms

In the first place, remove every one of the alarm and close the application. At that point open it again to include your alarm. A few clients have settled iPhone alarm not working in iOS 11 or iOS 10 issue by this technique. Incidentally, there appears a bug joins the Bedtime highlight. It causes individuals get the chance to bed, however, prevents them from awakening on time. A few clients additionally report that if the Bedtime alert is set for the same time from the typical alarm, at that point the two appear to go off.

Option 5: Reset All Settings

Attempt resetting all settings, as there is a chance you might have made some changes in settings which you don’t remember. Go to Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Settings to have an attempt.

Option 6: Restore Your iPhone

Another method solves iPhone 7 alarm not working problem is restoring your iPhone, which could be also helpful to fix many other mutual iOS 10.3& iOS 11 problems. You can restore your iPhone with either way iTunes or iCloud.

Option 7: Fresh Copy of iOS
Set iOS from a fresh copy by downloading correct IPSW file for your iPhone, after that restoring it utilize iTunes on your Mac or PC Windows.



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