Focus firefox

Firefox Focus goes beyond example Incognito mode of Chrome. Google’s browser does not store your browsing history in this mode, but sites themselves can still track your surfing habits. Firefox Focus delete the data on your device when you stop browsing. The app also blocks trackers, so you will not be tracked and can surf anonymously.

Moreover, Firefox Focus is a tad faster than other browsers. Trackers and ads often make websites take longer to load. Because they omit many websites appear soon a fraction of a second faster image.

Incidentally blocking Firefox Focus not ads. The browser is specifically aimed at advertisers using your search history. Think of online stores that haunt you on other websites with the cookware you just watched. Other complaints will be shown in Focus.


The app was quite a while and is available for iOS now available for Android. This version has some unique features that are not found on other platforms. So you can turn off the tracker blocker temporarily if a website is not working properly. There is a counter that tracks how many commercials you’ve already blocked. Firefox Focus running in the background, then a notification appears on the screen to remind you to delete browser history on it.

 Download Firefox browser for Android: The focus is not a separate mode in the current Firefox app, but a completely new application. You can download it from the Play Store link below. The app is free and works on any device with Android 5.0 or newer


 ♦ Download Firefox on Google Play (free)