Play store ANDROID O

Finally Soon pay with iDeal in the Google Play Store

Play store ANDROID O

The Google Play Store is finally getting supports payment via PayPal. That makes it a lot easier to buy apps or games. Google confirms that the feature is currently testing, but can not indicate when it is available to everyone. “We are indeed testing with iDeal in the Play Store,” know so late spokesman Rachid Finge. The final release is Finge some vague “. When it’s done” Users already see the function, say they have the choice of paying via PayPal in almost all major banks. It is unclear whether paid by these banks has been working properly since Google indicates that the function will be tested.

This Android O improvement Google protects your privacy

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Android newsGoogle, however, argues Android O various adjustments to protect your data slightly better. Thus Google wants to achieve three things. Developers get something less personal information, you as a user can easily reset the released data and get the long-term control over the information you share. The main change is that developers gain access to more Android O to the device identifier of your camera or Bluetooth devices. Instead, get some apps access to a so-called “advertising ID”.