Home Tech News Fast food activates on TV advertising Google Assistant

Fast food activates on TV advertising Google Assistant

TV advertising Google Assistant

Fast food activates on TV advertising Google Assistant.

A well-known fast food restaurant has a sneaky way designed to sell burgers. Namely by activating via TV advertising Google Assistant.

TV advertising Google Assistant

TV advertising Google Assistant

Fast food restaurant Burger King launched in the United States a new advertising campaign that focuses on voice-controlled gadgets. Specifically, Assistant Google Google Home and your Android device are screwed. In advertising, someone looks straight into the camera and says that fifteen seconds are not enough to tell you all about the burger in his hand. Then he says loudly and clearly: “Ok, Google. What is the Whopper burger? “. Google Home or Android devices pick it, the job monitor and read a Wikipedia description of the burger before.

The Burger King advertising is not created in partnership with Google. “We saw it as the technology through the fourth wall to break through,” said Burger King president José Cil opposite BuzzFeed. There are no rules exist to prevent this type of marketing, but certainly not last long. Google Home users in the United States have an uneasy relationship with their voice-controlled gadgets. Last month there was suddenly clear advertising for The Beauty and the Beast out to speaker after asking a new summary for the day. If you want to see the Burger King advertising yourself, you can watch below. Watch out Google Assistant is not listening.


Google is currently only available in the UK by importing. This import has recently made it easier. Google is because since April 6 available in Britain. Google Assistant can also be reached via your Android device by setting the language to English and hold the home button.