Fanslave: Earn Money with Social Networks

Fanslave It is a website where you earn money by giving Facebook, following on Twitter, watch Youtube videos and click ads viewing pages, and giving +1 in Google.Been paying for 3 or 5 years ago I think

Connect Your Facebook Account and/or Twitter, That More Friends Have, Because If You Have Many Friends You Will Be Outgoing Pages That Give More Money (More on Explain Why).

Well, We did this tutorial to get the most out of fanslave and to get some referrals that we almost do not have
With this tutorial, you will learn how to earn 15$ in 2 months unless you follow everything well could do it in 1 month (NO REFEREE) and if you get much more referrals before.



Connect Your Facebook Account and/or Twitter That More Friends Have, Because If You Have Many Friends You Will Be Outgoing Pages That Give More Money (More on Explain Why).

How do I Make money?

1.Every Day There Are Pages It Does not Matter What Country You Are.
2.It has 2 levels of referrals:
1st level you earn 15% of what they generate.
The 2nd level you earn 1.5% of what you generate.
3 It has its own currency called credits every 2 coins is equivalent to 0.01 euros
4. Pay by Payza and PayPal, min payment is 15 Euros.
5.Payment is within 30 days although payment is due before the 2nd week.
6.You earn 0.2 euros a day with FanRank low.

Registration And Page Link:

Get your registration Here

Also, There Will Not Be Several Times The Same Page But They Will Tell You As If They Would Have Seen Another And They Would Have Been Fewer Pages That Day

How to Use Links That Blow Error?

When I finish giving all the “I like”, they put the link that left them wrong and they open it sometimes, it will take them to a page of FB to give “I like” and others will follow them even bumping error.

Before registering and linking your Facebook and Twitter account you should know that in FanKey there is something called FanRank:

What is it The FanRank?
The FanRank See How Many “Friends” You Have In Your Accounts (Facebook And / Or Twitter) And Depending On That Your FanRank Will Go Up. (Fanrank Is 0 – 10).
The Higher Your FanRank You Will Be Out More Pages (17-19) x Day And They Will Also Pay You More
My FanRank Step A 10 When I Had 600 Friends On FB And 120 On Twitter.

How Do I Get Friends On Facebook And Twitter?

In Facebook, You Can Put A Picture Of A Sexy Girl And You Will Get Invitations, Same With Twitter.
Be Careful, That You Begin To Submit Many Requests Because FB And Twitter See This May Block Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts.

Trick to earn more with FanSlave:
If you have noticed, FanSlave is among specific languages. If thou click concerning the exceptional languages flags above, it will show up extra ads yet and you may stay in a position in conformity with achieving extra money.



How To Make Money With App Tap Cash Resewards

Other Important Details:

  • When the fanslave is restarted (12 am US time) sometimes 5 to 3 pages out of 1 as they usually come out.
  • Twitter Like 13-17 Pages Per Day.
  • Facebook Pages come out fast by updating every time the maximum page you could take 1 hour and a half and you do everything.
  • Since most people are bored of updating and all that is because there are few people who stay in fanslave usually only do the ones I like the first 2 or 3 days then they get bored.
  •  If you link it to a facebook or twitter and will not let you unlink it, it will remain forever like that.
  • Can also be used to advertise the page.
  •  This is a good way to earn money if you are one of those who do not get referrals or just start with the ptcs since in a normal page you would get 0.05 $ daily here you could get 0.2$.


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