Reset HUAWEI P10

how to Factory Reset HUAWEI P10

This tutorial helps you How to Reset HUAWEI P10 to solve the problems of your device & To unlock the device when you forgot Pattern, Pin, Password,& Fingerprint.

factory reset is operation restore hardware settings in the State it was in before Sale for several reasons including:

– Fix multiple crashes– Delete viruses

Reset the settings to what it was in the case where errors

– Delete the names stored in the device

– Deleting files from the device

– Heavy use of the device & more….

NOTICE: Before you start to Factory Reset HUAWEI P10, do the backup of your personal data in your phone HUAWEI P10.
Prefers to use factory reset in the recent cases because the device files Will be deleted during this operation, but can avoid losing files by storing them To an external device or any other appropriate manners.
First method: Hard Reset Huawei P10

1- Power OFF your phone HUAWEI P10

Reset HUAWEI P10

2- Press & Hold the Volume Down & Power button for a few seconds.

Factory Reset HUAWEI P10

3- Release hold keys when the Huawei Logo appears on your screen, & choose wipe data/factory reset by volume button & confirm by the power button

4- Select wipe data/factory reset from the menu & confirm by using the power key.


5- When the recovery mode appears to choose option reboot system now by using the power key.

Congratulation!The hard reset operation has released.

Second method: Factory Reset Huawei P10

1- Power ON your phone HUAWEI P10

2-Go to setting & tab to Advanced settings

3-Tab to Backup & Reset

4-Tab to Factory data reset

5-confirm the whole operation by Select Reset phone.


Well done! You have just performed the Factory reset operation.