facebook augmented reality camera

Facebook takes lead in augmented reality camera platform

Facebook augmented reality.

facebook takes lead 

Facebook is recently busy with augmented reality. Largely through Snapchat copy in include Instagram, Messenger and Facebook itself. However, this is only the start of an extensive new Facebook camera platform that completely revolves around augmented reality.

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the platform at F8, the annual Facebook event where the latest plans of the company are shown to developers and other interested parties.

The camera platform can namely see very well where digital elements are placed. This allows you to not only move the camera and the digital elements remain in place, but the digital elements are further aware of the surroundings. So Zuckerberg showed a table with a bowl where small digital sharks swam around. In another video showed Zuckerberg how a whole room was filled with digital water and skittles. In a third demo, he showed a huge art project, which was just visible through the camera of a smartphone.



The technology behind Facebook augmented reality is impressive. Although the company that makes this trend is stepped, it seems already to the fore. By giving developers access to this technology, there may be a lot of great things happen.