Facebook stream videos to Chromecast

Facebook meets Chromecast owners. Finally, you can Facebook Livestream and other Facebook videos connect with a Chromecast. In this tip, we show how this works.

Facebook video Chromecast

Now YouTube is increasingly a closed platform where people also can share videos, it’s time for Facebook to convert videos. Every day there is indeed viewed more than a hundred hours of video. That’s why Facebook now gets to spend the next step videos on the screen of your smartphone or tablet to your TV.

chromecast facebook

All you need is a Facebook account, the app, and Chromecast or Apple TV that is connected to a TV. Then it is very easy to put on a stream. Below you can read step by step how this is done.

  1. Open the Facebook app and find a video you want to stream;
  2. Touch the Chrome Cast of TV icon in the upper right corner of the video;
  3. Select the device connected to your TV;
  4. The video will now play on your TV.

Through a video playback on a TV instead of your smartphone, you can post comments easily while watching a live stream. These reactions are also displayed on your TV. It is also possible to just keep scrolling through your timeline, without stopping the video.